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advocates @AluAxelman and state rep Mike Sylvia were recently interviewed by @DrKarlynB and @YesCalifornia respectively - you can watch them here:

I'm thinking about all the poor/dumb bastards that used the horrible "sign into our site using Facebook" bullshit resulting in them no longer being able to access any of that shit. Facebook wants to become the "passport" to the internet and today is a great illustration of why that's a fucked up idea

LOL FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM ARE DOWN! Maybe it's time to relocate to reliable, independent social media like Mastodon?

I nominate Footloose as activist of the year. He made Sununu and the Executive Council look like the cowardly thugs they are. @DefiantTillIDie

Once you put those glasses on and see the world for what it is, there is no going back.

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"Legislative Services" has approved the historic constitutional amendment - we're one step closer to divorcing DC! @alu @aluaxelman @michaelboldin @freestatenh

Don't miss this excellent interview of @AluAxelman of @LibertyBlock and state rep Mike Sylvia, the sponsor of the constitutional amendment! You'll learn a lot about why we need to leave peacefully and the NH political process.

@Freedomsphoenix @alu

I just need to say "Fuck Mom Jeans!". They were horrible enough the first time

Nine years ago, Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree made its theatrical premiere. You can still watch the epic Free State documentary free online. Now available on Odysee!

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