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SATURDAY NIGHT! Free Talk Live at 7pm Eastern followed by the uncensored Beard Talk Live NOW WITH MORE BEARD!! at 10:30pm. The Most Bearded Liberty Stream Online. Call in lines will be OPEN (603) 283-6160

I usually prefer 'em short but every now and again you just gotta get yourself a...

Forcing humans to your preference is always wrong. No exceptions.

SATURDAY NIGHT! Free Talk Live at 7pm Eastern followed by the completely uncensored Beard Talk Live at 10:30pm. The Most Bearded Liberty Stream Online! Phones will be OPEN (603) 283-6160

If you mourn the ruling class when they expire, then indeed you have been radicalized

Beard Talk Live. The Most Bearded Liberty Stream Online. Uncensored. Tonight Saturday at 10:30pm Eastern.

My thoughts after viewing the series finale of "The Anarchists" s01e06:
- I feel like, if you call yourself a former anarchist, you never really were. Anarchism is not a belief system, it's a logical and rational conclusion. People however, are too seldom logical or rational.
- "A state can exist if it'll leave me alone". Sadly, the state never actually leaves you alone. It's against its nature.
- It's interesting that the two broken hearted ladies seem at odds with the philosophies at the series end. Emotional human toll on full display.
- The two dead men, arguably the two most respected community leaders John and Nathan, appear to have lived their lives for their philosophies and principles. Attempting to change the world for the better, even if you fail, is still noble as fuck.

Some of you haven't yet listened to even one episode of @FreeTalkLive and it's about damn time you got off your ass and clicked the play button

I'm 15:43 into the film "This Is GWAR" and it's already the greatest band documentary in the entire history of rock 'n' roll. Stop whatever the hell you're doing and get yourself an historical injection of intergalactic ass kicking culture STAT

S01E02 THOUGHTS: It's interesting to contrast and compare the Anarchapulco/Anarchaforko events to the PorcFest/ForkFest events. Similar schisms occuring as though these fests which unite freedom loving people somehow reach their own "Festival Dunbar Number". I'm really enjoying the honesty of the characters thus far and the self realizations as the episodes unfold. I think it's well beyond time for anyone who shares the philosophies of freedom to act. I appreciate the courage shown and hopefully this series inspires others to finally take some action. Wether it's having your child "Freeborn" or even just something as small as speaking out locally. If folks can see that this particular cast of colorful people can do something about the "statist conditions" the world finds themselves subjected to, then certainly anyone else can too. Find the courage, change the world.

I thought episode one was great. Saw a bunch of familiar people. Exceptionally surprised my favorite radio show Free Talk Live​​ got a generous cameo and that episode one was not a hit piece

- Home. Prosecution unless you have paid.
Regulate your whole life today. On the IRS form. The IRS form
- Home. Tax you even though you've paid off the place. Tax your bed and your fireplace. Into debt, kids are born. Into debt kids are born

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