The US govt can stop Twitter from releasing details about the government’s demands for user information in national security investigations, a court ruled

Revolutionary Paint: How to Make Surfaces Stay Cool in the Sun

Element X is going to have its first public TestFlight as soon as Apple approves it. That means you will finally be able to test the fancy speedy sliding sync advertised in Matrix 2.0!

And for that, your server needs to speak sliding sync: you need the sliding sync proxy deployed if you don't use

Fortunately, I made a tutorial to help you deploy it!


BOMBSHELL: Government Is Tracking You Through Vaccines!

Video of police putting a camera robot into a camper, closing the door, then calling out the occupants claiming they “want to talk”, man picks up the small camera robot, opens the door and gets shot…all of it caught on a camera inside the camper and the police realize they got caught towards the end of the video when they walk in say “fuck, there’s a camera"

Sam Bankman-Fried’s fall cuts off big source of funds for US Democrats
FTX entrepreneur has emerged as the second-biggest donor to liberal groups after George Soros

Employee tracking: From your keystrokes to your emails, here’s what your employer can see

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