@Olivia_From_Arizona @aria wow that’s off the rails sorry I haven’t looked at the Social in way too long because I was having glitches but that goes way further than I ever knew! Sounds like stuff humans should NOT mess with

@Olivia_From_Arizona @FTL_Ian @ftl the only problem is most women move here with a partner. Less likely to meet single libertarian women but it does happen! Just happened for a friend last week

@Olivia_From_Arizona @FTL_Ian @ftl idk what Ian is talking about, he knows last time I went to my local libertarian ladies group hanging out playing cards against humanity two chicks started making out

@FTL_Ian and someone is wearing a Punisher shirt I hate conservatives

Props to Mr.Penguin for calling the prosecutor at Footloose’s trial a cunt 😂 and when she said “You don’t know me. 😡” he said “Sure I do. You prosecute people for victimless crimes. You’re a cunt.” 😂

Ian said the buffalo chicken omelette I made him was better than the one at the Red Arrow Diner 🥵 🍳

@kristin wouldn’t have been good if he and Harrison ran away to be on the run for the rest of their lives together

@kristin disagree. It made the most sense and was weirdly nice to see him go that way.

Bonnie boosted

What’s your favorite Nobody quote you would like to see discussed on the show?

@Erichaley it’s okay I’m happy to say I never eat fast food in Keene. If a Cane’s opened up that might be bad for me 😂

@Erichaley yea it’s in Boston and I don’t plan on getting vaccinated and showing proof for some good chicken 😂😂

Made my favorite kind of junk food for me and Ian. Corn bread 🌽 🍞

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