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New York: Section 402 (1) (b) of Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) has been amended effective Nov. 1, 2021, to increase fines for knowingly covering or coating license plates with material or substance that conceals, obscures or distorts the plates by any part of the vehicle, or anything carried thereon. Now, the fine is not less than $50 or more than $300.

"This means that transit accidents killed an average of 5.0 people per billion passenger-miles while urban traffic accidents killed 4.9 people per billion. Yet, few people decry the “carnage” caused by transit dependency."

"Digital driver's licenses, which are either under development or already in use in various American states, could include detailed information on licensees such as vaccination records, travel history, tax status, voting history, financial records, and other personal data, ultimately bringing America a step closer to adopting Chinese-style social-credit system."

According to the state’s most recent data, total crashes at intersections with red-light cameras have increased, as have injury crashes. Meanwhile, fatalities have only declined from 22 to 21. In Orange County, which has 28 cameras, crashes have increased from 2,613 to 2,827.

The scamfrastructure bill requires alcohol detection systems in cars to stop impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel. The new law applies to everyone, not just people with a history of drunk driving.

"We had a Ford Explorer ... we pulled the system out, and we recovered 70 phones that had been connected to it. All of their call logs, their contacts and their SMS history, as well as their music preferences, songs that were on their device, and some of their Facebook and Twitter things as well. ... And it’s quite comical when you sit back and read some of the the text messages."

NOTE: Speed scameras are ILLEGAL in Texas.

"A private community’s efforts to stop speeding has some drivers seeing red."

"While the HOA can’t fine nonresidents for speeding, it will share video of unsafe delivery drivers and workers with their employers, according to the Crystal Falls HOA website. Repeat offenders will be asked not to come back."

Seattle no doubts creates mess than profits on it.

Look at the photo in the article. They took traffic down to one lane. The city poor planning by removing a lane caused this mess!

President Joe Biden on Monday signed into law a sprawling transportation authorization bill that includes, for the first time ever, explicit federal funding support for speed cameras.

Anti car policies killed more.

"but the recent estimate indicates that the biggest increases in fatalities took place in western states such as California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. These are the states that have most aggressively applied traffic calming and other anti-automobile programs, and the data suggest that those programs have failed to make traffic safer."

Giving up your privacy to park.

"Registering for the Metropolis app means submitting your name, cellphone number, email address, license plate number and credit card information, as well as the make, model and year of your vehicle.

It reserves the right to monitor "pages that you visit before, during and after” using the company’s online parking validation, as well as "information about the links you click" and "information about the services you use.""

Baltimore is the scamera capitol of Maryland. All over the city. So you risk your life in many areas to the criminal element to avoid a scamera ticket.

Talk about warp priorities. Enforce traffic laws for profit by scameras while criminals attack those waiting at lights and the city won’t stop the physical attacks. (This is not the only attack by the “squeegee” thugs.)

Legal analysts sue US Department of Justice over non-prosecution agreements with companies, including red light camera vendor Redflex.

It’s “criminal” to insult a speed scamera eh. Show you the safety argument is just a ruse if they can’t take harmless political expression.

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