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It’s “criminal” to insult a speed scamera eh. Show you the safety argument is just a ruse if they can’t take harmless political expression.

For several years when speed cameras were rolling in New Miami, the village was flush with cash, and since the cameras stopped rolling, so did big revenues.

Government action is needed so driverless vehicles can be insured against malicious hacks which could have potentially catastrophic consequences, a study says.

After more than a year of discussion, Metro Council members hold off on voting on two separate bills that would bring License Plate Readers to Nashville.

More than 400 cities have set up red light cameras that are institutionalized racketeering that subverts public safety. Local governments have partnered with private companies to build, deploy, and maintain the cameras that bring bounty hunting to traffic intersections.

The Wenatchee Police Department is highlighting traffic violation scams after a member of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office got an email Tuesday saying they had committed a violation via a red light camera and now must pay up within 72 hours.

" If you’ve recently received a speeding ticket from the City of Chicago, check your mail – the city may owe you a refund."

A new form of cracking down on speeding could be coming to schools zones across Florida. Law enforcement has a plan to keep its eyes on you.

We encourage Florida residents to contact their representatives and tell them no to the false safety school zone scameras. If you like point out Buffalo that recently dumped them.

"Anything the company doesn’t like can cost them their job – and all their money. Elon Musk has the same in mind for you."

"A Chicago-based advocacy group said that red-light speed cameras are not only a cash-grab by city officials, but are disproportionately […] impact[ing] Black and brown drivers."

The Lake County Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved an ordinance banning surveillance equipment on county-owned property or right-of-way.

Many cities are using red-light cameras to catch drivers breaking the law, but more and more drivers say these cameras are ticketing the wrong people.

Report from mayor confirms no penalty for nonpayment of Washington, DC red light camera and speed camera tickets for non-residents.

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