The Lake County Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved an ordinance banning surveillance equipment on county-owned property or right-of-way.

Many cities are using red-light cameras to catch drivers breaking the law, but more and more drivers say these cameras are ticketing the wrong people.

Report from mayor confirms no penalty for nonpayment of Washington, DC red light camera and speed camera tickets for non-residents.

the city proposed taking $6.5 million from the revenue raised by speed and red-light cameras and transfer it to the police department.

Those rules ticket drivers going as little as 6 miles per hour over the speed limit. Under city rules, people caught speeding for the first time should receive a warning.

Using automated devices to catch people who are exceedingly noisy seems to push us deeper into the world of Big Brother than we should ever go.

A CR investigation finds the savings you get with these telematics programs may come with serious trade-offs. If you still want in, CR’s interactive guide can help you find the best option.

Justices appeared skeptical in Florida Supreme Court hearing that explored mandating refunds for red light camera ticket convenience fees.

Arguments over a potential class-action lawsuit over a so-called "convenience fee" drivers can be charged by a major red-light camera company will go before the Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Issuing enough citations to generate revenue overwhelms our court resources, which also happens in criminal cases. Authorities must induce most criminal defendants to plead guilty and motorists to not challenge questionable tickets.

This is accomplished by increasing the cost of defending oneself. In criminal cases, prosecutors engage in charge “stacking,” adding charges simply to induce a guilty plea, as illustrated by Actress Lori Loughlin’s college admissions bribery case. After refusing to plead guilty, prosecutors charged Ms. Loughlin with additional counts of bribery. She faced 40 years in prison before pleading guilty and receiving a two-month sentence.

For tickets and citations, courts often impose fees for going to court or for making a police officer testify. In municipal courts, the judge might be appointed by the mayor and willing to make biased rulings.”

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