The safety argument seems weak in light of the various studies and increase in accident deaths, especially when the cameras are generating so much money for a city with massive pension debt and spending it can’t seem to control," writes Patrick Andriesen, a staff writer at the institute. "Speed cameras might be more accurately called cash cams."

American motorists are up in arms a couple of “nightmare” plan to introduce extra velocity cameras throughout the nation.

Federal Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg introduced the plan as a part of a new national strategy final week geared toward decreasing highway fatalities, saying the Biden administration’s aim was “zero deaths” from site visitors.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is being criticized roundly for his plan to expand the use of “safety” cameras on roads nationwide, as drivers have complained that the camera systems are inaccurate and prone to abuse by political cronies.

Buttigieg's strategy recommends pilot programs to study and promote greater use of speed cameras, which he says could provide more ‘equitable’ enforcement than police traffic stops, as the cameras will have no awareness of the race of the driver.

Chicago’s speed cameras in 10 months churned out nearly as many tickets as the prior 3 years combined, handing every city household 2.2 tickets. The 8-fold spike came immediately after the city started ticketing at 6 mph over the limit.

Google Maps has a feature to check for speed cameras on the road in Google Maps. You can receive radar presence alerts so that you can slow down, and check where they are before planning your route. The radar query on Google Maps is already active in 40 countries, including the UK, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, and the United States. Here’s how to view speed cameras on Google Maps.

The Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to prevent the village of Brice from issuing photo radar tickets that cannot be legally enforced. Alexander Maxwell, a recent graduate from the Ohio State University law school, sought an order shutting the speed trap down, arguing the current situation is built on deception since photo tickets are immediately dismissed once the recipient sends an email or makes a phone call to challenge the notice received in the mail – but few individuals know to do so.

NOTE: Speed scameras are ILLEGAL in Texas.

"A private community’s efforts to stop speeding has some drivers seeing red."

"While the HOA can’t fine nonresidents for speeding, it will share video of unsafe delivery drivers and workers with their employers, according to the Crystal Falls HOA website. Repeat offenders will be asked not to come back."

President Joe Biden on Monday signed into law a sprawling transportation authorization bill that includes, for the first time ever, explicit federal funding support for speed cameras.

It’s “criminal” to insult a speed scamera eh. Show you the safety argument is just a ruse if they can’t take harmless political expression.

For several years when speed cameras were rolling in New Miami, the village was flush with cash, and since the cameras stopped rolling, so did big revenues.

" If you’ve recently received a speeding ticket from the City of Chicago, check your mail – the city may owe you a refund."

A new form of cracking down on speeding could be coming to schools zones across Florida. Law enforcement has a plan to keep its eyes on you.

We encourage Florida residents to contact their representatives and tell them no to the false safety school zone scameras. If you like point out Buffalo that recently dumped them.

"A Chicago-based advocacy group said that red-light speed cameras are not only a cash-grab by city officials, but are disproportionately […] impact[ing] Black and brown drivers."

Report from mayor confirms no penalty for nonpayment of Washington, DC red light camera and speed camera tickets for non-residents.

Those rules ticket drivers going as little as 6 miles per hour over the speed limit. Under city rules, people caught speeding for the first time should receive a warning.

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