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It still doesn't look like there will be a fire tonight, but there was still a party this afternoon to raise awareness for the Crypto 6. Some people were surprised and confused to learn I'm one of the six. We... might have a marketing issue lol

Neither I nor Aasrija slept very well, so we were up very early to watch the clouds roll out.

Seeing as I now can use and its many automated systems, I am back.

Bad Movie Club continues with "We Suck At This - Super Mario World"

There's still a lot of editing to do (I'm working on it), but this Sunday, Bad Movie Club is watching "Sharkansas: Women's Prison Massacre."

Within an actual, literal second of me posting about being on sale, Facebook banned me for 30 days over a pic of someone's Halloween costume that I posted in early December. My last ban also happened immediately after I posted something about Bitcoin.

Why don't I just leave?

There's no point. I can't really use the platform in the first place. I'm banned more often than not; quitting would take more effort than it's worth.

Ross Ulbricht deserves to have his sentence commuted. I'm eagerly awaiting Trump's list.

We have more than tripled the maximum number of characters for toots to 1776 from the default 500. FTL Social - Now with more free speech!

Last night unveiled the pilot of Bad Movie Club with the film "Tusk." The consensus is that it has way too much build-up for what it's just "a guy gets turned into a walrus."

"I still taste sweaty dick."

Free Talk Live - Social

Getting away from centralized megacorporate platforms is important, so we've launched this Mastodon server targeted at voluntarists, freedom-loving anarchists, libertarians, listeners of Free Talk Live and LRN.FM and the members of the Shire Society.

Want freer real-time chat rooms? Join our Matrix server.

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