I know there are videos of Soapbox Idol, but I have not yet seen them.

@FTL_Ian I can ask. The GB people are currently traveling around NH, but I'll text them and find out. I have no contact with AnyPay these days.

For sure not my best presentation ever, but I'm not really comfortable talking and not interacting with people. I'd rather interact, not talk at everyone. Still, the first minute is by far some of the best content I've ever made.


Is this a first? House of Pizza in Lancaster officially is accepting Goldbacks. Major props to Ian, who is really the one who made all this happen.

Last year, I was the only (from what I was able to discern) person using / Monero at Forkfest and Porcfest. This year, many, many people were using XMR, and we even had people from a Monero podcast interview me about the Crypto Six. They stood outside my presentation selling coffee for Monero.

Although I wish more people were staying for Forkfest, I'm not sad to see the Bitcoin maximalists go. Who gave those idiots microphones in the first place?

I'm not sure how to take how few people I see tearing down their stuff. It's gonna be 90 in a few hours, and I definitely wouldn't want to be pulling down canopies in that heat. After today, it basically is raining everyday. It'll be interesting to see what people do.

I don't think Jeremy Kauffman is gonna show up for the 9:00 interview we scheduled. lol

@GaryFreeman And one of those was Matt Perreault, who is this year selling Cop Block stuff. So people tend to remember things differently than how they actually were. The "audience" last year was basically Matt and a few random people who would stop by at random, which still happens, but remembering it like we had a captive audience isn't accurate. Yet, that's how people remember it. In the same way, Ian and I definitely pulled up plenty of news last year. "They can't all be zingers" - Primus

@GaryFreeman I've never claimed to be an extrovert who excels at that. Even Mark was only able to bring in 1 or 2 people a day, so it isn't anything that's different from what it was in the past. People just have it in their heads that "offsite= always interviews, all the time," and that hasn't ever been accurate as long as I've been on the show. People today talked about how they're used to be a "remote audience," for example. Yeah? But not really. It was usually just like 1 or 2 people.

@GaryFreeman It's easy to forget what last year was like. There were plenty of times that Ian and I pulled up news because, frankly, there was a show to do, and they can't all be interviews. I have plenty of people trying to get interviews (which, honestly, will be easier next year), but only about 1 in 3 actually appear. We do interviews when we can, but if people don't actually show up, then they don't show up. It isn't the "all interviews / only interviews" thing that people recall.

I also learned something today. I took 3 total photos. It turns out I was just *in* a lot of photos. Most of my pics have always been selfies.I still don't know why anyone would want a picture with me, but that's what 90% of pics today were. I promised pics, but it turns out that I haven't really taken many. Other people did.

The guy I wanted to win presented himself as a woke federal agent. "Fuck you and your larping in the woods. You're meaningless..." It was thirty seconds in before I realized he was being facetious. Exceedingly well done, and immensely creative. "We came for your Crypto Six, and next we're coming for you." I can't wait to see the video of it. My comments as a judge were really fun. "At first I was like, man,... fuck this guy."

Four years ago, the vibe here was so different. I was a contestant in an event that, tonight, I was a judge in. What a majestic ride it has been.

I would change nothing that I had the power to do differently.

So tonight I was a judge alongside Tom Woods and Jeremy Kauffman of LBRY in the Soapbox Idol Competition. I competed in it my first year at Porcfest. And tonight I was a judge in it. The Crypto Six even got mentioned in a few rants. Pics to follow soon.

It has come to my attention that my presentation on the Crypto 6 tomorrow at 11 is at the Crypto 6 Pavilion.

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