Someone asked me to define man and woman, so I said, "I heard once that a man is a miserable little pile of secrets. So I suppose a woman is an angry little pile of secrets."

Symphony of the Night is $2.99 on mobile. That's an insanely good deal.

In case you had any doubts about what a meaningless, conniving, corrupt institution the Nobel Prize industry is, Ben Bernanke (Yes, that one) just received a Nobel Prize in Economics.

Mountain Dew Chicken Piccata is a real recipe at, which is a real subdomain.

God has forsaken us.

Don't worry, guys. It's just the @FBI, the largest distributor of child pornography ON THE PLANET, here to help keep your kids safe.

I did not expect to buy Malaysian Indian breakfast burritos with Goldbacks. But here we are.

@TomAlciere I don't know why you're going out of your way to call me "he," but whatever.

They tried a write-in campaign against me two years ago when I ran for sheriff.

It didn't work then.

@creampie Nah, I didn't have time to really look into doing that. I do wish I had, though.

Now that it's too late for the Cheshire County Republicans to do anything about it...

Guess who is the candidate running for State Representative in Ward 1?

Here's a hint: I'm in Ward 1.

Christians be like "There is a god, because look how perfectly the banana fits in the hand."

And they get cheered.

But when I point out "Look how perfectly the dick fits in the butt," they get mad.

Imagine having the police show up at your house to demand to know why you bought an extra loaf of bread, and arresting you if they don't like your answer. Think of how much worse the World War 2 Holocaust would have been, if the Nazis had AI to help them.

I saw an ad for something I liked. It was a Switch controller similar to the Xbox One controllers I like. As I was looking at it, the Drudge Report refreshed itself (as it obnoxiously does), and the ad was gone. The one time in my life targeting advertising was almost effective.

The Libertarian Party Convention is so much worse than I expected. It's like a trainwreck, though, and I find it difficult to stop watching it crash.

Good lord. It's so terrible.

Best part of the LP shitshow thus far is the guy from MO with the shirt on in the front row. Thanks!

In my previous post, I didn't even bother to look at what @realcaseyrollins said, because I legitimately, really, truly... do not care. Whatever it was, don't care. However, his post specifically states "Authoritarianism is the true enemy of the people." and "... Desantis. The man is certainly authoritarian, bordering on fascistic. Telling schools what they can and can't teach?"

Which part of this is the "fascism" that someone else reported? Where is this post? I want to boost it personally.

Someone from reported that @realcaseyrollins is "American Fascist/Nazi. Pushes extremist rhetoric through boosts."

I acknowledged receipt of the report, and then discarded it. I have no desire to censor anyone. Argue with him if you want.

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