Now that it's too late for the Cheshire County Republicans to do anything about it...

Guess who is the candidate running for State Representative in Ward 1?

Here's a hint: I'm in Ward 1.

@aria I checked at and scrolled down to page 16 and I see that a gentleman by the name of Aria DiMezzo filed. He lives at 659 Marlboro Road, it says. BTW I filed for state senate on the afternoon of the last day in 2006 and I was the only Republican running, so the Republican Party recruited Dennis Hogan to run against me and he won the nomination as a write-in about 7 to 1 landslide.

@TomAlciere I don't know why you're going out of your way to call me "he," but whatever.

They tried a write-in campaign against me two years ago when I ran for sheriff.

It didn't work then.

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