Most of the ocean is unclaimed.

The Freedom Haven project plans on creating a pro-freedom city in an unclaimed spot by 2037.

Update on the triangle prism sphere core floating concrete (ferrocement, but with fiberglass or basalt fiber) detailed design with a break-out showing the interior of the individual floors. This is just the base structure with housing/offices/other being built on top. The main section (excluding the deep ballast base and anything built on top) is 10m high x 15m wide x 17.32m long, and is comprised of 310.93219 cubic meters of high compression high quality concrete and non-steel rebar/wire/mesh. It'll weigh around 500 metric tons, and displace around 2,600 cubic meters of water, so this will float high in the water until extra ballast weight and housing is added. This unit is meant to be connected to other sister units to form large high-seas communities.

You can download the CAD files here:

Throughout history, people (pilgrims, pioneers, etc) have left the jurisdiction of existing countries to move to new frontiers for the socioeconomic freedoms that exist there. Do you seek the freedoms offered on today's frontiers?

90-second intro:

Throughout history, people have left the jurisdiction of existing countries to move to a new frontier for the economic/social freedoms that exist there (Pilgrims, Pioneers, etc). Do you seek the freedoms offered on today's frontiers?

90-second intro:

"Over time I think there's going to be floating spaceports."

US government intervention (low ) is pushing Elon's SpaceX to the freedoms found on the high seas. and share some common goals.

That's the plan. In 15 years Freedom Haven will have the highest economic freedom and social freedom in the planet.

a) the SOURCE of our nation's problems,
b) the SOLUTION to our nation's problems, or
c) neither/both/other?

Those who choose B should check out

The goal of (the ) is to find 4,000 people who wish to support the Freedom Haven project marketing with a one-time donation of $5. Please consider donating through our website: .


Facebook censors are either idiots or even more corrupt than I suspected.

We presented the Freedom Haven project to a full house last night at ! 😃

The Freedom you seek can be found outside the Exclusive Economic Zone. Details here:

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