"Over time I think there's going to be floating spaceports."


US government intervention (low ) is pushing Elon's SpaceX to the freedoms found on the high seas. and share some common goals.

a) the SOURCE of our nation's problems,
b) the SOLUTION to our nation's problems, or
c) neither/both/other?

Those who choose B should check out

The goal of (the ) is to find 4,000 people who wish to support the Freedom Haven project marketing with a one-time donation of $5. Please consider donating through our website: FreedomHaven.org .

See youtu.be/bKAKthtvc-c

can't give you that the majority don't seek, and is a terrible idea. is the only path to obtain real .

Would you trade your spacious prison cell on land for a smaller cabin on a ship...

IF it meant that you could have ALL of your and no ?

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