March update on Freedom Haven funding and spending activities
While we ARE on our way to achieving our 2022 funding goals for Phase 2 of the Freedom Haven project, one thing that is a concern is that we have a few Patrons who are funding most of the project instead of having many smaller Patrons who are only funding smaller amounts of $5 each (the Phase 2 goal per patron). In truth, in this phase, the number of patrons matters more than the actual funding amount. Our goal is to have a total of 4,000 Patrons (who have put down $5 for Freedom Haven) by 2026 - this would keep us on the path of having Freedom Haven fully funded by 2034 and up and running by 2037.

If you have not yet funded Phase 2 of the Freedom Haven project (either for yourself or for someone else) please consider putting down $5 for Phase 2. These funds are going towards marketing and creating a 1:87th scale model of the design to show at various pro-liberty festivals. Some options for funding listed here:

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