@CONSERVATARIAN I’ve been told the mandate doesn’t violate HIPPA. It’s simply a requirement of employment. I’m not a lawyer though. This insane mandate can’t work it’s way through the court system fast enough imo.

@Cryptojbtc @nvk @Jack Gold is legal tender in several states. Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, etc.

@benis @SplitShockVirus Why wouldn’t you? On FreeBSD ZFS makes it almost impossible to lose data, or screw up an OS upgrade, you have instantaneous rollbacks to recover files, libs, anything, replication of firewalls, many many reasons.

If you’re not running ZFS you’re doing things wrong. Or you’re a hardcore masochist.

@alcade @Secftblgirl @ThreeOneThreeChris $340 for 75lbs?!

Where is this? You can buy an entire 900lb steer or heifer for $150 here. O.o

@freedompatriot If I’m a billionaire and you pass this, I’m leaving the country. And when all the billionaires leave for nicer, friendlier places guess what happens then.

@verita84 Why not? As sick and twisted as it may be look at the world we’re living in now. There are large numbers of people that believe men can be women, unborn babies are parasites, etc.

We are witnessing the collapse of society.

@Jack @nvk Bitcoin asp isn’t accepted by any government to pay debts. Isn’t anonymous. Can be outright banned.

Bitcoin hasn’t brought you any salvation over gold and silver.

Keep trying.

@watson War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

You are literally living out “1984”.

@Wormwood First they came for the coffee….

I’m finding the same thing happening in the spice world. Like everyone is moving to ground spices. Trying to get WHOLE mace is getting harder and harder.

@shebang yeah but, you’d have to LIVE in commiefornia. And even with that salary be living in a shoebox with ten other people, and squashed under the boot of pelosi and newsom while struggling to breathe with your mask on indoors.

Fuck that.

@Secftblgirl how does one “misfire” a dummy round?

None of this bullshit makes ANY sense. At all. Not an ounce.

@Zennblack using the military to solve a government inflicted gunshot. Nice. And these are the clowns half this country wants to control and run our healthcare. Idiots. Just mindless idiots.

Get out of the cities. Buy a small plot of land. Arm up. Farm up. The government has failed. Untether the best you can from “society”. Make friends with those doing the same.

@akeno can you imagine what it must be like to be one of these brown shirts? Like when they go home at night, after they beat their wife and kids, and kick their puppy, when they lay their head to rest upon their pillow can you imagine how they must feel? The images of what they have done to another fellow citizen playing through their mind.

If there was ever a more blinding example of the demonic hypocrisy of liberal Hollywood….

“Guns are evil!!! Ban guns!!! Think of the children!!!111oneone”

“Liberal actor that knows absolutely NOTHING about guns, how they work, or gun safety shoots director of movie he stars in DEAD.”

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