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This is the Mask Napoleon in our city I keep talking about. This is an interview he did with a local independent journalist. Please, please, watch this and look at the tyrant he is. Unelected, and no rules he won’t make up. He needs to be exposed. He is the director of the fake, elitist livability court in Charleston

This article sums up the mask hysteria and the media’s shaming as many college kids and bar owners that they can. Maskhole patrol was on the loose, giving out tickets by a made up court run by an unelected ex-cop.

I heard a caller question the other night about masks, and whether tickets were being written for them. The answer here in Charleston is YES THEY ARE AND ITS 100$ first offense- increasing by 100$ each time.

@FTL_Ian if one were planning to come and see NH and experience it in a way that could give us the best impression on the freedom movement, as well as life and work there, when is the best time to come? Spring? Summer? One of the festivals? Tks

141 mask tickets in just the past 11 days. This is becoming a steady revenue source for the fake livability court. Charleston SC will have this mandate in place forever, people will be buried in their masks.

Are you guys @FTL_Ian taking calls? I’ve been trying, not sure if just backed up Thanks!

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