We know of multiple winners in the Shire of the @bullionmaxcom Silverback giveaway! Congrats to everyone who won.


Interesting approach! I prefer to add a Goldback to a generous cash tip, but only if they say they want it. If I am a regular, the waiter may decide to accept only Goldbacks for tips.


NH Goldbacks truly make gold useful again - just ask people in the liberty community here in the Shire. Not only are they beautiful artwork, but they are spendable and eye-catching. Perfect for starting a conversation about real money!


Did someone say "Silverback"? Ok, they aren't economically feasible due to silver's price, but Goldback has now proven they can be made and you can enter to win one of 10,000 from BullionMax:


More about the Silverback:

People are paying with the NH Goldback at real-life businesses in New Hampshire including Keene's excellent pho restaurant, Phonky Noodle!


Congrats to @CarlaGericke for her victory at the poker tournament last night in Manchester! She walked away with a full set of NH Goldbacks plus a stack of 34 NH singles - prizes don't get much better than that!

It might be the last day of , but people are still spending Goldbacks! Granite State Spice Blends just had their first-ever Goldback purchase. @vagabondchef79 starts tomorrow!

You can buy Indian food at with Goldbacks! Thanks to @TheNudge4 for the photo.

The guys from the Goldback home office are set up in a prime location at ! They're on the right as you come in to the park gate, in the grassy area. Pic by @kumokrieger

Goldbacks can get you clean at ! Drop into @Joebonic_'s tentsite 67 and buy some soap with real money!


Word is that some vendors at don't accept anything but fiat. Do stop by and ask if they take goldbacks or crypto and if the answer is no, then kindly tell them you won't be buying from them until they do. Maybe they'll come on board by the end of the week if they see enough people walk away.

Goldbacks being accepted at for pizza AND cannabis! That's what we like to see! Looks like freedom. Thanks @Aria_DiMezzo for the pic!

Sightings already from ! If you're using them, please tag us @NHGoldback with a pic of what and where you're spending real money! Thanks @kumokrieger for this first Porcfest 2022 pic!

Goldback is a top-level sponsor of ! Crypto is great, but nothing trades as fast as gold-in-hand. If 2022 is anything like 2021, we expect vendors across the park to eagerly accept Goldbacks!

Good move, @b_holzrichter! While they are gorgeous to look at encased in plastic, don't forget to get some smaller denominations and put them in your wallet for spending!


@4soundmoney, who we met at @FreeStateNH's Liberty Forum, recently interviewed the founder of @goldback_inc, Jeremy Cordon. It's an informative, excellent discussion:


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