The so-called mayer of NYC will force the "mentally ill" into hospitals

Two weeks until the trial begins with jury selection at Federal Court Church in Concord, 12/6. I'm defending against the FBI and IRS as they try to destroy my life over victimless "crimes" involving selling bitcoin without a government permit.

Kim is right. Politicians like the presidents actually have children killed and regularly use them for political gain, yet politicians are allowed on Twitter.

I left Mormonism when I compared it to other religious traditions, and realized that the only way for Mormonism to be true, I would have to engagein special pleading. It's the same way with statism. In order to claim that a certain group of strangers had the right to tell my neighbor what to do, I also had to engage in special pleading.

Detailed article from Mr Penguin covering this week's motion hearing in the case. We disqualified the FBI's blockchain "expert" as an expert. Chainalysis not admissible as evidence. Will the crypto news industry cover this?

While I largely don't really care what Musk does with Twitter, I do care about finding a platform that is accessible for a blind person, and accessible apps to interact with that platform. Luckily mastodon seems accessible.

Statist cultists think that they get to pretend to tell you who gets to rule you is so entertaining.

Believing that someone, or a group of someones has the right to tell your neighbors what to do is a dangerous superstition.

Freedom is a state of mind, and mind is a state of being. Stay out of my mind and being!

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