@JeremyCouch I think thinking in terms of geography is a hindrance to a solution that's more equitable for more people. For example, if you you're a left wing person living in Austin, Texas you end up in red country; if you're a right winger living in rural California, the inverse is true. What if these people could choose to subscribe to 1/2 (or more) parallel federal governments, while keeping their state relatively unchanged? Caveat: I'm not in favor of any nation states, but putting this forward in the interest of harm reduction.

@ranjur I've heard that discussed a bit on FTL in years past. Being able to choose to "subscribe" sounds good, but I'd have to think more about how it could actually work. Even if it did work we'd have to convince people to go along with it and not want to force everyone under their control. Fun to think about, but easier said than done. 👍

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