Prediction: Even if the Mises Caucus takes over the national Libertarian Party, it will continue to fail. Meanwhile, @FreeStateNH will continue to succeed. Concentrating activists is a proven success and the best we can hope for the LP is a return to principled messaging. Maybe a pipeline to NH longterm, but return to principle may halt potential movers by giving false hope they can stay where they are because they falsely believe that a principled LP will somehow give them a chance for success.

A considerable amount of NH Dems that scapegoat free staters were also born out of state. 🤔

After failing to take youtube-dl offline, the RIAA is hoping German law will give them leverage that they can’t get in the United States. They’re suing a German site that doesn’t even host youtube-dl – it simply hosts links to GitHub.

"NH would go bankrupt if we declared independence and stopped living under the thumb of DC politicians!"

Actually, we would see unprecedented prosperity:

This is my entry for the chance to win the open source hardware wallet! :) @aria @AriaDiMezzo @ftl @@FTL_Ian

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