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When the Bidenistas come to your house to preach the gospel of the vaccine

People often talk about getting the ideas of liberty in pop culture - here's a great telegram group called Truther Music.

They want to get you hooked on the vax. First shot is always free then boom you're a vax junkie

Member back when the government tried to tell you not to shoot yourself up with drugs?

Jen Psaki: We will be going door-to-door to Americans who have not been vaccinated

Sounds like the opposite of social distancing

Lootz said they're bringing a pirate ship to porcfest next year

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The first 14 minutes is all about porcfest. I've heard some interviews with the Pirate team and they are ideologically motivated 100% against the violence of the state

FYI if anyone is interested Ernie Hancock from Declare Your Independence has quite a few Porcfest interviews. I haven't listened to them all yet but Lootz from Pirate Chain was fantastic. Also Ernie has Pete Eyre, Kingsley & Erin Edwards from Flote, Jay Noone, and many more

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