The military is great for obedient submissives! The uniforms should include a ball gag and a fetish collar and leash

@thedesertlynx The only thing I know about where crypto prices are going to go is that no one knows where crypto prices are going to go.

Movie idea: A plane full of snakes flies through a sharknado

I thought Abe Lincoln was Biden's Secretary of State. Turns out it's A. Blinken

@thenewoil Thanks! I just dl'd and installed this the other day on my laptop and was watching a tutorial on how to use it when I saw this post. I hadn't bought the andriod app yet so this was perfect timing!

@SamiOh @SirFahrenheit @Leyonhjelm
Fuck the police. They are by definition terrorists. They use violence and threats thereof in pursuit of political goals.

People like Bill Gates who support depopulation aren't really serious unless they start by killing themselves. You first motherfucker. Lead by example. Be the change you want to see in the world

@FTL_Ian @bonnie @captainkickass

Whenever I see no podcast the first thing I think is 'did they get raided again'.
The second thing I think is 'oh maybe Aria was running the show last night'.

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