Daniel Hale is featured in this documentary, National Bird, along with a couple other drone program whistleblowers. I've seen it and recommend it


If you didn't know today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Aaarrggghhh!

The plandemic has given new meaning to 'political science'

Australians gave up their guns in '96 so it looks like they're falling back on their rugby skills

One man wrecking machine

I'm picturing some vaxheads sharing a needle under a bridge to do some jabs

Remember when having an intravenous drug habit was frowned upon?

If you're on your third jab it's time to admit you have a problem

Biden wants to get into your bank account

"Under the proposed legislation, [f]inancial institutions would report data on financial accounts in an information return. The annual return will report gross inflows and outflows with a breakdown for physical cash, transactions with a foreign account, and transfers to and from another account with the same owner. This requirement would apply to all business and personal accounts from financial institutions, including bank, loan, and investment accounts, with the exception of accounts below a low de minimis gross flow threshold of $600 or fair market value of $600.
The measure, if approved, would begin in 2023."


Former military - I hate communism because you are property of the state on a fixed salary determined by the state and must obey and submit to the state

Also former military - joined military

The military seems kind of like the Boy Scouts for adults but with welfare and mass murder

9/11 Speech by USMC Combat Vet Decimates COVID & GWOT Narratives, Calls For Universal Love


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