Hot licks, spicy words
Sturgill Simpson

"I done Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran
North Korea, tell me, where does it end?
Well, the bodies keep piling up with every day
How many more of 'em they gonna send?
Well, they send their sons and daughters off to die for some oil
To control the heroin
Well, son, I hope you don't grow up
Believing that you've got to be a puppet to be a man

Well, they cut off your hair and put a badge on your arm
Strip you of your identity
Tell you to keep your mouth shut, boy, and get in the line
Meet your maker overseas
Wearing that Kim Jong-il hat, grandma’s selling pills
And meanwhile, I'm wearing my "can't pay my fucking bills" hat

Well, nobody's looking up to care about a drone
All too busy looking down at our phone
Ego's begging for food like a dog from a feed
Refreshing obsessively until our eyes start to bleed
They serve up distractions and we eat 'em with fries
Until the bombs fall out of our fucking skies"

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