Women make it sound like pulling out is easy. Like "oh you can just pull out" as if it were like unplugging your phone

I want to build a greenhouse so I can fill up my truck with greenhouse gas

Cops With Banjos. A great old song that used to be on Copblock's Police Accountability Report years ago

Prices Dropping! Venezuelan Bolivar Strengthened Against The Dollar (RTD Q&A ft. Jose G. Martinez)


Great speech that him suspended

HSBC's Stuart Kirk tells FT investors need not worry about climate risk


@FTL_Ian @captainkickass

Douchebag former LP chair, used car salesman, and possible Fed brutally attacked at LP convention!

Sarwark reigned during the years that the LP brought you douchebag candidates like Gary Johnson and Bill Weld


@ftl There's no podcast from last night, main feed or episodes only

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