Before ftl does new things with video they should upload the 4/6/2021 podcast audio which is still missing

I see FTL doesn't have anything on YouTube/Odysee/LBRY for the last week and now out seems they have stopped uploading the podcast

I hear the Chauvin defense is that drugs and medical condition contributed to George Floyd's death. Do they not see that choking out someone in medical distress is worse?

"The city of Baltimore is permanently ending the prosecution of crimes described as low-level and nonviolent, including prostitution and drug possession.

Officials late last week said the adoption comes after a one-year period of trying the criminal justice approach, which they said was successful, as crimes across the board decreased.

“Clearly the data suggests that there is no public safety value in prosecuting these low-level offenses,” Marilyn Mosby, a Democrat who serves as the State’s Attorney for Baltimore, told reporters at a press conference."

Waiting for a judge to rule on Ian's custody hearing. I think Aria will get custody but Mark has him two weekends per month

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, and Bitcoin

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