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Not one sign held by the Cheshire Democrats was homemade. All were printed by the party. @freestatenh​

A state rep complains about CACR32 at the anti-FSP event in Keene's Central Square.

Multiple complaints about @Osborne4NH today, including multiple tweets read from the stage.

The challenger to @Santonastaso_NH says Free Staters are a well-organized, well-oiled machine.

DALL-E's creators "Open AI" are not open at all. They are restricting its input data and usage. They certainly aren't releasing their code, as any actually "open" organization would do. Hope someday this tech is released into the wild, unrestricted.

26 signatures in 1.75 hours - new high of 14.8 sigs/hour today for @jeremykauffman @drkarlynb only got to 1.75 hours due to someone complaining to store management like last time. The complainer didn't like that I was approaching people in the parking lot, which is what I'm supposed to be doing. 😜

The FBI decided they didn't need the surveillance DVRs from the @freetalklive studio that captured many angles of their insane raid against us. Now you get to see it:

Leaving ? Stop by Keene's "Phonkey Noodle" at Central Square for our weekly Social Sunday event at 5:30pm! Bonnie and I will be there.

This year, I was back on the main stage at and gave the history of FBI agent Phil Christiana's obsession with @FreeStateNH:

Thanks @DennisPrattFree and the Porcfest crew for having me back.

SCOTUS on Abortion: Pro-local-control
SCOTUS on Guns: Anti-local-control
They have no principles, just politics.

I had the pleasure of returning to the stage yesterday at . Thank you to everyone for their kind words and wishes. I wish we could have stayed longer and seen everyone, but due to my curfew bail restrictions we had to be back home by 11pm. That said, one day of Porcfest is better than zero.

Imagine being libertarian and actually thinking the supreme court somehow cares about rights. Now NY is talking about passing more restrictions. This last one only took a century to overturn...

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