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Since some gun control types are calling for nullification of the supreme court decision, does that mean they are now more open to secession?

Last year I couldn't visit due to the insane bail restrictions. This year, I have a curfew, but I can go up during the day, so I'll be there on Friday and am speaking at 1pm! Here's @freetalklive's equipment being prepared for the trip as we will be broadcasting from RV 46 without me for two weeks including from

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by @FrankMorano on @77wabcradio last night. We discussed @FreeStateNH and the . It was a great interview and you can listen here:

Tune in to @77WABCradio for my interview with @FrankMorano at 1:30am Eastern - we'll be talking about the outrageous case on his show, "The Other Side of Midnight", live on-air in NYC and online at

Wow, TALKERS Magazine's publisher called me, “The greatest champion of free speech that we have.” Too kind, but I am honored to receive their Freedom of Speech award:

Bitcoin price is way down, and now the BTC mempool is filling up again. That means fees are up over 100 sat/B for the next block - more than $1. Meanwhile the Bank of Japan may be imploding. Interesting times.

Today's release from a rogue libertarian candidate for governor came from a campaign strategy group run by the Sarwarks. Contact number for agent Laryssa Gaughen is an area code from North Virginia, close to DC. @DrKarlynB

Hot day for petitioning for @drkarlynb and @jeremykauffman - I got 26 signatures in two hours! Big petition crew incoming all day tomorrow at Market Basket in Swanzey.

Another documentary is in-the-works about the New Hampshire freedom migration - for good reason - @FreeStateNH is a proven success. Here's the 7-min trailer:

Is this the beginning of the end for Crypto Vending Machines? Stellar partners with Moneygram to allow people to buy crypto for cash at any of their 420,000 locations worldwide:

Prey's dog on the left, young Jazzy on the right. I sure do miss her. <3 Long live the rare Carolina Dog / American Dingo! Excited to see the Prey movie - will probably tear up just seeing this animal in action, whether or not it survives the inevitable encounter with the Predator.

I know that face! Some may be wondering what type of dog is featured in the new Prey trailer. It is not a breed at all, but an ancient "pariah" dog known as the Carolina Dog or American Dingo. When I saw this gorgeous beast in the new trailer, it reminded me of a young Jazzy, back when her face was all brown. <3

Wow, now they are giving props to Harry Browne. He and Ron Paul are the best libertarian candidates in decades. Kudos to @LPNational for the respect. Messaging is definitely back on target!

Conservatives just can't resist the desire to control their neighbors' morality, with violence. Libertarians may disagree with someone's moral choices, but will never use violence against them.

Since @LPNational has now endorsed @FreeStateNH for the first time ever, I've rejoined for the first time since I resigned as a life member in 2008 in frustration for them falling away from principled messaging. I'm back as a "premium" member. Here's hoping they continue promoting the NH freedom migration.

If you are against "live and let live", then what kind of violence do you want to perform on people not living YOUR way? Imagine thinking "live and let live" is evil:

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