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Starting today, all new Free Keene videos are now exclusively available only on Odysee (LBRY):

@odyseeteam @lbrycom @jeremykauffman

Over a decade ago the critics of Keene activism thought they could do politics without creating haters. Reality check: Being a threat to the status quo means you will be targeted. Glad to see @FreeStateNH understands and embraces this truth. Check out this Letter to the Conway Sun by a frustrated statist, as shared by the FSP:

Mr. Bitcoin came to visit today! I hear he may be going on tour soon...

Vincent is LIVE with "Shire Free Media" on our video streams. Take your pick at and call in at 603-283-6160 or

Court muted the feed, back from "recess" at 1:30pm. First audible comment from the viewers: "they are some real pieces of fucking shit". Lots of "Free the Moors" comments. A "fuck the police". We need these guys in NH. If they'd have been pulled over here, none of these bullshit charges would have been filed, as having guns in NH is not a "crime".

John Doe #1 is a national so he does not wish to be represented by an agent of the "Commonwealth". "This is wrong and you know this is wrong" he rightfully says. "This is my life, you guys are not respecting the constitution!" Judge patronizingly says she's taking a lunch break.

The third peaceful Moor, John Doe #1 says he is "Not a sovereign, I'm a national" He gave a name, but because the men are appearing in a fucking jail cell in the courtroom, it's very hard to understand what they are saying.

Robert Rodriguez (not the film director) - a peaceful Moor - has appeared in Malden District Church and is now speaking with an attorney after the robed woman told him his friend Jamal Bey isn't an attorney and can't represent him in court, as Rodriguez had requested.

The first peaceful Moor, Quinn Cumberlander, has had a bail hearing set for Friday. He stands for "love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice" and is part of a "well-regulated militia". Zoom link is here:

Some pretty entertaining comments from the audience in the zoom, stuff like "Fuck the judge", "fuck the system". Lol

Aria and I are back together on-the-air after months of separation and we're celebrating by doing an episode of Freer Talk Live - the internet-only show - live on Odysee now at

We've been on LBRY (recently rebranded as Odysee) for years, but now @freetalklive is testing the new live streaming beta there! Thanks to @jeremykauffman and the @odyseeteam for for the amazing, uncensorable, free speech platform!

The Moors are to be arraigned in Malden District Court tomorrow -Tuesday. Likely bright and early, but the bureaucrats are off today so I can't call and ask.

This "Independence Day" I am on "home confinement", @Nobody is behind bars, @aria can't use more than a handful of websites, and we're all facing years in prison for spreading Bitcoin.

For those extremists tired of Facebook, here's a platform run by freedom extremists:

Is this a first? House of Pizza in Lancaster officially is accepting Goldbacks. Major props to Ian, who is really the one who made all this happen.

I'm not sure it's worth saving, but @odonnell4nh says The Quill has become more of a community center in recent years. It's true that it has been around over a decade. Here's the fundraiser:

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