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Due to issues with the pre-sentencing report, my sentencing date has been pushed back to June 29th, at 10am. That means we have even more time to collect letters to the judge. Here's how you can help, thank you!

No yet - didn't see any lines at banks in Keene this morning. You may have time to beat the crowds if you get your money out today.

Another bank bites the dust! Signature Bank shut this weekend, feds are announcing full bailouts for all clients & for SVB clients. Signature had $88 B in deposits.

Get your money out of the banks and get your state out of the union!

Are you planning to make a on Monday? Which bank is going to crash next? LET'S GO! Photo from First Republic Bank in Brentwood yesterday.

USDC has depegged big time and is now below $0.89. DAI the fake "decentralized" stablecoin which was partially backed by USDC is also below $0.89. USDC had an account at Silicon Valley Bank.

Part 2 of @ft_loose's trials will be Friday 3/17 at 12:45 at Concord District Court at 32 Clinton St. - should be wild! Video to come when it's all done.

Megan, the rude exec council assistant, testified she never heard anyone say "amen" or "yeah", which the state police claim was the reason arrests were made.

On leaving the courtroom I caught the first witness talking with the sequestered witnesses. I asked him if he was supposed to be talking to them and he looked like a deer in headlights as he claimed he could if it was "personal". @ft_loose motioned to dismiss the case for violating sequester.

State trooper admits that there were roughly 70 troopers and several paddywagons at the executive council meeting in preparation to arrest massive numbers of peaceful protestors.

Concord district court wrongfully forces @ft_loose to have a trial for the NH9 arrest despite having notice for a week from today and having been provided no discovery.

Congratulations to our newest FTL Social user @somebodyfrompa - you win the award for quickest reported account - within an hour from your first post! Some whiner from already reported your account for being a "degenerate faggot". Of course, we are ignoring the report. Enjoy and thanks for joining!

Major COVID bombshell in UK reveals what politicians said to each other about lockdowns and restrictions and lots more. Much manipulation and control freakery.

attendees love NH independence! Selling shirts today in addition to @realNHIPAC's.

Mr. Bitcoin showed up at where I am working for @realNHIPAC - people loved taking pictures with him.

NBC Boston's docu-series on @FreeStateNH has the media talking! Here's the full interview of two of its producers on WGBH Boston Public Radio today:

Planning to be here to support the Noones. Monday 3/6, 8:15a, Concord District Court

Fake-ass "Free State" of Florida just stripped Disney of its sovereignty. Florida is a conservative state. @FreeStateNH is for libertarians who actually understand liberty.

NH will rise again. NH was first to secede from the king and we'll be first to secede from the USA gang.

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