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Looks like the SEC is now trying to crush @OdyseeTeam in addition to @LBRYcom. Keene carpool set for 1/30 to Federal Court Church at 3pm in Concord to support them.

The jury rejected freedom of religion & right to privacy, completely buying the prosecutors' manufactured story about me. We will be appealing all eight counts. This is not over yet. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive! <3

I took the stand today in the trial because I did nothing wrong and harmed no one. Come out tomorrow for closing statements, 9am start at Federal Court Church in Concord, NH

court over for today, motions to dismiss are pending. defense starts tomorrow at 9am.

Good chance the trial resumes at 9am at Federal District Court Church in Concord. If so, this week will be defense time. Come on out and watch if you can!

Did anyone else have problems with Melanie's tax service? Sadly this guy didn't tell us until now. Was her service a federal operation too?

Melanie Neighbours was frequently cheering on violence against the state. Was she always a fed? Or did she just crack under near-zero pressure? Chris Waid reports:

We are expecting the trial to resume on Monday, 12/19 9am at Federal Court Church in Concord, NH. So far it's going really well and has been a lot of fun watching Mark Sisti tear into the lying feds on the witness stand. Thank you to everyone who has come out to support me and crypto freedom!

Wow, all supporters wore Free The shirts today in court and the judge had no issue with it. Thank you everyone. Day three tomorrow at 9am.

Thank you to all supporters and media who came to the trial today. We did jury selection sand opening statements. Day two starts 9am!

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