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Just when you thought the FTX situation was over, someone on the inside is apparently stealing everything they have left. Is it Bank-man himself? Follow @THORmaximalist

A record 50 @FreeStateNH members were elected this week, and a record # of @NHLiberty endorsees, AND the state reps were RE-ELECTED!!

This is big news from the NHLA. More endorsed pro-liberty candidates won in NH this year than in the previous record year of 2020.

I just finished reading the new 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in NH. It's been completely updated for 2022 and you can download your copy free for Kindle here: FREE UNTIL MONDAY!

Uh-oh, crypto lender Block-Fi is now "pausing withdrawals" using FTX as the excuse?

How many more centralized finance dominos will fall this year?

Look at this guy's posture. He just looks like a loser - imagine trusting him with your life's savings. Also, great video.

Centralized exchanges have failed before. They will fail again. This too shall pass. Cryptocurrency will survive and thrive, because it's better than fiat in every way possible! If you're ready to leave CEXs, look into @THORChain.

@FTL_Bonnie and I are reading this and it's an excellent update of the original 101 Reasons. Please order your free copy on Kindle ASAP to help push the book up Amazon's charts!

Secession was not a career killer as predicted by scared politicians afraid to vote for CACR32, which would have merely allowed the people to vote on Independence.

Bank-man is Bank-rupt?

If I were legally able to buy Bitcoin, now might be a good time - it's FIRE SALE time. Of course, we may have yet to see the new low.

Imagine being a big government democrat and thinking that somehow NH libertarians give a damn about what happens to the GOP.

Ds have gained ground on the NH house Rs, might even be an even 200-200 split. This means the Liberty Reps become an incredibly powerful voting block. Very little can pass without their support. @nhpilled @FreeStateNH

FL LP's candidate for governor, @RoosforFlorida is at 0.2%. Hector, it's time to take the lead and do what I did in 2006 - leave FL for @FreeStateNH and concentrate libertarians in one state - it's the only plan that's working.

Despite being allowed to debate and doing a great job, @ShaneTHazel hasn't cracked 1% of the vote in Georgia. It's time @LPnational members admit there is no hope separated and join @FreeStateNH to concentrate our activism in one place, where free staters are actually getting elected.

I wrote in @Lily4Liberty for US Rep, @Aria_DiMezzo for Sheriff, @Nobody4Governor for County Attorney

@SBF_FTX is a big-government tool who deserves to lose his business, FTX, for constantly calling for regulation of crypto.

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