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Though @WMUR9 excluded libertarians from the debates again, to their credit, they did include @JeremyKauffman and @DrKarlynB in their "On the Issues" QnA:

US Senate:


Another short review of the Bolduc attack footage interspersed with what Bolduc said later about it by @Billisajoke

It took a couple days, but the full video showing the entire arrest of Joa from "Breaking the Flaw" and other scenes from outside the US senate debate in NH is now online!

@billisajoke @drkarlynb @jeremykauffman @BreakingtheFlaw

I just finished editing the full video from the NH US Senate debate where Don Bolduc lied about being hit to have Joa arrested. Will post to the @FreeKeene Odysee at Encoding it now.

Despite walking back his accusations of being "hit" by Joa from "Breaking the Flaw", @GenDonBolduc continues to lie regarding what happened with Joa last night:

Not only did Don Bolduc lie to police, claiming Joa hit him, but he was the actual assailant, as this video proves. Mainstream media is gobbling up the campaign's lies that Bolduc "dodged a punch" without bothering to interview the other side. Will they issue a correction?

Larry Sharpe is spot-on here. If he'd only move to NH where he could actually get elected and help grow the only successful libertarian movement on the planet via @FreeStateNH

AZ libertarians' Senate nominee quit and endorsed the republican. What an embarrassment for them. Good thing @LPNH has principled libertarians who won't give to Wasted Vote Syndrome and major party pressure like @JeremyKauffman and @DrKarlynB

Amazing how intolerant supposed liberals are of people who prefer younger partners. This lefty guy Bonnie just ripped up sounds like a conservative. Whoa, a 40 year old dating a 24 year old? Must have been grooming!

Another statist activist in NH is publicly planning to leave! Yet another win for @FreeStateNH and the libertarian/voluntarist activist concentration. More statist exodus to come!

@FTL_Bonnie and I as Neo and Trinity at the Halloween party at The Shell on the Seacoast. First time there, great party, excellent community center! Thanks @JeffYunes, @StephenJNass, @DennisPrattFree, good to see @naomibrockwell, @Bangershell11 and more!

Looks like about one month left to enter @bullionmaxcom 's contest to win a Silverback. If you enter via this link, it will help my chance of getting one of the 10,000 they are giving away: Fingers crossed!

Proud to say we knew @ErikVoorhees as a FTL AMPlifier before Bitcoin! Looking forward to seeing the whole debate vs a wealthy pro-regulation exchange owner:

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