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For those interested in trying an uncensored AI art generator. Someone appears to be running one here:

Beard Talk Live is on-air now at on our @Odyseeteam channel! NO FCC CENSORS!

Great news! AI graphics model behind the supposedly open Stable Diffusion has "leaked"! Here's a handy guide on how to generate uncensored AI art:

Video of Karen's defeat and the pro-independence rally at the Ballot Law Commission. She FAILED to get the BLC to prohibit the state reps from the ballot:

There's two categories of libertarians. Those who respect the system and those who don't. I'm glad @LPNH is in the latter category. Warmongers have no humanity.

My friend Renee was sentenced today for a victimless financial "crime" - prosecutors admitted there was zero loss, to 3 yrs probation, felony record, & $2000 fine.

BLC commission dismisses Karen's complaint 5-0 for lack of jurisdiction.

She claims that insurrection does not have to be violent and that words are considered "aid and comfort" to the US government. She also cites an RSA that says the BLC cannot be overturned by any court.

BLC asks assistant AG for legal opinion. He says insurrection or rebellion generally require violence against the United States.

Karen herself is here reading opinions for academics and judges who are anti-secession.

The BLC heard from a libertarian running for Merrimack sheriff who the secretary of state denied ballot access. In a close vote, they overturned the SOS's decision. The candidate is Benjamin Weir.

Standing room only at the Ballot Law Commission meeting. The majority of the room are supporters of NH Independence.

WKBK‘s morning show host Dan Mitchell had me on today to discuss my run for NH State Senate, third parties, @FreeStateNH candidates running as republicans, peaceful secession, guns and more!


Odysee is having an outage - Beard Talk Live is still on-air on DLive, Twitch, and other platforms listed here:

"Beard Talk Live" is happening now, internet only, NO FCC! Featuring @kickassreverend @TiplessCragsman @CopblockApp. Tune in now at

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