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One bailiff claims the CO2 monitor was put in last week, another claims it was a year ago. This courtroom has been packed every other hearing in the NH9 case, so there is no way the device was here before. Seems it was installed specifically to infringe on the rights of people who want to view this case.

Robed woman cannot understand why people can't just stay outside the sham court, but eventually allowed people back in, keeping the doors open, claiming she'll reschedule the hearing if there is a disruption, including if the CO2 alarm goes off again.

A woman came in to the court asking about the CO2 bullshit and the robed woman stormed out calling for a recess. Bailiffs are guarding the doors.

Defense says case law requires people to notice a disruption before "disorderly conduct" can be charged.

Things just got ridiculous. A device alarmed they claimed is a CO2 meter. They kicked everyone out except defendants and media. Robed woman has had the doors opened and claims people can call in to the conference call system "if they want". To be clear, it's hard to hear anything in the court, especially with the state gang wearing masks. It would be impossible to hear in the hallway. One defendant on the phone said she can't hear the attorneys. This is not a public hearing in any way at this point.

Defense says the disorderly conduct statute is not supposed to oppress free speech at the whims of bureaucrats.

Defense says the surveillance video provided by the state does not show any disruption of the meeting prior to the state goons removing @DefiantTillIDie and Terese Grinnell from the meeting, therefore there was no probable cause for the arrests.

At Concord district court for the New Hampshire Nine hearing on the motion to dismiss. @DefiantTillIDie reports the attorneys for the other eight filed a motion on his behalf even though they are not representing him and he will be demanding they withdraw it as Frank is pro se.

@FTL_Bonnie and I watched the 2019 SHAFT this weekend and it was super-fun. Great writing and rapport between the actors. Lots of laughs!

@FeeeStateNH covered again by the NY Times. Thank you! The right people will find the migration, as with all negative coverage. Paywall-free link:

A barber in downtown Keene on West St appears to have had an unpleasant encounter with a "public servant". Bet there is an interesting story here.

Why are you lying, @actualham? Anyone who watches the movie will see the scene with you has no edits.

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PSU prof. Robin DeRosa is a liar. She claims "nefariously edited" videos of her are showing her repressing free speech. The scene in DJVCS is not edited where she appears at all. See it yourself:
Recommend jumping back to 36:22 to see the entire scene - again, not a single cut.
Link to her dishonest post:

Imagine being libertarian and not planning to move to NH, where statists are not only protesting against our successes but also packing up and leaving.

Here's a two-minute edit of the biggest endorsements from the Cheshire Democrats on-stage this weekend at the Anti-@FreeStateNH protest:

NH Dems held Anti-@FreeStateNH protest in Keene, claiming FSPers have 1/3rd of the legislature voting with them, are a "well-oiled, well-funded machine", are an "invasive species", putting "literal bounties on teachers' heads", and more! Video here:

Kudos to the Democrats for including @drkarlynb, the libertarian candidate for governor, in their poll which shows her at 8%!

Woman from Croydon says, "Free Staters are an invasive species" and compared them to insects in her garden. @FreeStateNH

Not one sign held by the Cheshire Democrats was homemade. All were printed by the party. @freestatenh​

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