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Gay cops can crack some heads and murder innocent people just like straight cops. It's about time the police acknowledged it.

Woke today with a voicemail promoting @DrKarlynB's competition. Called back, was asked to join their slate of candidates. Given he called from an Arkansas area code, I asked and confirmed he was hired for the job. Definitely lots of money behind these people.

There are so many libertarians in NH that we've had a schism and multiple Libertarian candidates may appear on the ballot for NH governor and possibly other seats. Plus many others are running as Republicans and Democrats.

I'm running for NH Senate district 10. Key issues: , ending prohibition, abolishing the NH Senate, and making taxes voluntary. You can vote for me on 9/13 in the Republican primary.

How much debt is @LPnational in? One of the treasurer candidates said they had to take out a loan, but didn't say how much.

Got a question for @RonPaul? Tag us on Mastodon at @ftl. Not on Mastodon? Join our server at We may not take questions by phone. He'll be on FTL tomorrow night (5/31).

The LP just added support of secession to their platform. Amazingly, it was not there already. Good job, @LPMisesCaucus.

We don't normally have guests on @freetalklive, but we'll make an exception for @RonPaul this Tuesday 5/31 at 7pm Eastern.

Mises taking the LP may be good for more principled messaging, but is bad because LPers will be renewed in the delusion that liberty can be attained nationwide, thereby delaying their move to @freestatenh once sufficiently disillusioned.

Wow, someone running for LP treasurer said they had to take out a loan. Embarrassing. Just shut the thing down.

The deck chairs on the LP are being changed out and if it gets back to principled messaging, that is great, but it won't make any difference - libertarians will continue to lose outside NH. @FreeStateNH is the only working solution for liberty in our lifetime.

Bonnie's first time petitioning! We gathered some signatures for @LPNH candidates @jeremykauffman and @drkarlynb thanks to @marketbasket.

Best part of the LP shitshow thus far is the guy from MO with the shirt on in the front row. Thanks!

Amazingly @LPNH actually had a fun convention this year with no controversy. I'd never seen anything like it. That will not be the case in Reno. My heart goes out to the poor bastards who volunteered for this THREE-DAY bureaucratic slog.

Feed's been down for a while now too.

The shitshow in Reno has begun. All LP conventions are a shitshow - endless arguing over technicalities in the hope of controlling a powerless entity. Now they are arguing over "credentials" and "quorum" for god knows how long. - live stream

Amazing to watch conservatives bewildered that their hero cops cowered for an hour while a lunatic was murdering children - they DO THAT EVERY TIME! They do not exist to protect you and have no obligation to do so. Don't believe me? Search for "no obligation to protect".

Is there going to be a live stream from the Reno shitshow?

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