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Trooper Dodds got owned by defense attorney Dan Hynes regarding the definition of "picketing", which he interprets as walking back and forth in front of a residence with a political purpose.

Sununu's neighbor / tool Cindy Feenstra is on the stand at the "disorderly conduct" trial of Skylar "Savage Truth 603" Bennett this morning at the district court in Brentwood. She claims she was concerned that the peaceful protestors might have weapons. Does she know she lives in New Hampshire?

National Divorce... or National Abortion? All nations should be aborted until there are only individuals.

Don't be fooled. The state doesn't care about fetuses besides that when they grow up they'll pay taxes and die in the state's wars.

The Foundation for NH Independence is raising money for a major poll to be done in multiple states about secession. Someone generous gave $50,000. They need $1,000 more. I'm in for $500.

Thousands of peaceful people are back in Ottawa today for , an event with what appears to be hundreds of bikers, but this time the city gang has brought out plenty of storm troopers:

Are changes to Twitter already being made, even though the Musk deal hasn't closed?

The shadowban detector is no longer detecting a ban on my account, nor @Odonnell4nh - is it possible @elonmusk's changes are already in play?

This may be why I rarely get any response to my posts on Twitter despite having 2K followers. I'm shadowbanned, according to Just another reason to follow me on Mastodon.

Another conservative Christian type politician has been revealed as dressing in lingerie. He is not denying the photos, but claiming they were just "goofy" photos taken on a cruise. That super-gay look on his face says it all.

More evidence that the Special Economic Zone idea is shaky as hell. First, FL cancels Disney's deal, now Honduras appears to be reneging on their SEZ deal. @medge

Florida house voted to undo Disney's deal, which will only harm taxpayers as the nearby counties have to absorb the $1B liability of the zone. Conservative virtue signaling.

Robed man finds him guilty of both speeding and driving without valid license. State recommends $62 fine including penalty assessment.

Joa says he is "in a pickle" because he doesn't understand the case and cannot have a public defender. Prosecution has no questions for him. Robed man now reviewing case.

Joa clarifies that it was his birthday and takes the stand. Isn't sure why he was license suspended as he paid reinstatement fees twice.

There was also a training officer involved in the arrest but the state didn't call him, so Joa did. His name is Andrew Skahan, a deputy sheriff.

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