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The shadowban detector is no longer detecting a ban on my account, nor @Odonnell4nh - is it possible @elonmusk's changes are already in play?

This may be why I rarely get any response to my posts on Twitter despite having 2K followers. I'm shadowbanned, according to Just another reason to follow me on Mastodon.

Another conservative Christian type politician has been revealed as dressing in lingerie. He is not denying the photos, but claiming they were just "goofy" photos taken on a cruise. That super-gay look on his face says it all.

More evidence that the Special Economic Zone idea is shaky as hell. First, FL cancels Disney's deal, now Honduras appears to be reneging on their SEZ deal. @medge

Florida house voted to undo Disney's deal, which will only harm taxpayers as the nearby counties have to absorb the $1B liability of the zone. Conservative virtue signaling.

Robed man finds him guilty of both speeding and driving without valid license. State recommends $62 fine including penalty assessment.

Joa says he is "in a pickle" because he doesn't understand the case and cannot have a public defender. Prosecution has no questions for him. Robed man now reviewing case.

Joa clarifies that it was his birthday and takes the stand. Isn't sure why he was license suspended as he paid reinstatement fees twice.

There was also a training officer involved in the arrest but the state didn't call him, so Joa did. His name is Andrew Skahan, a deputy sheriff.

Bowers claims he was afraid Joa was going to shoot him instead of get out of the car.

Joa objects to radar certification as he didn't recieve it in discovery, prosecutor admits it may not have been included, objection sustained!

Robed man ignores Joa's request for jail time, tells him he can pay the $30 fine at the window, despite Joa explaining he will not be paying. Next trial begins for speeding and driving without a license.

Joa asks if it's reasonable to give people tickets, prosecutor objects, sustained as irrelevant. Joa admits guilt, asks for two hours jail time.

Robed man explains that no public defender is allowed on violation level offenses, so trial proceeds. Parking ticket trial is first.

Prosecutor drops the suspended license charge, but he is apparently still facing "operating without a valid license" and speeding. Joa requests a continuance as he was not properly notified.

Amazing gourmet brick oven pizza from Little Zoe's in Keene where you can pay with @NHGoldback or crypto! I paid with 13 Goldbacks for this pie, the Maine Root Ginger Brew, and 8oz of their Angry Sauce. 😎

4/20 in Keene's Central Square, plus three more who didn't want to be photographed, and four others who already left. Photo from @mr_penguin

At Keene district court church for the trial of Joa from Breaking the Flaw. He's facing a parking ticket and driving on suspended license. He's expecting the latter charge to be continued. Parking enforcer Jane is in the courtroom as we await the robed man.

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