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More proof that @medge is wrong when he says more statists will move to NH when it gets more free.

Happy 4/20 to those with the freedom to partake. This is my second year in a row where I can't join in thanks to the federal thugs.

UST has surpassed BUSD for the 3rd largest stablecoin by market cap! BUSD is run by the world's largest centralized exchange. UST is decentralized and algorithmic. Looking forward to it taking down USDC and USDT. Dollars suck, but UST appears untouchable by the evil state.

My friend Nobody took a plea today in the case. They got him for contempt of the banks.

He's being charged with disorderly not once but four times now for the arrests at the Executive Council meeting in October. He's also being hit with another one for being at the Legislative Office Building and yelling "fuck around and find out" in November, along with a "breach of bail" charge.

New "complaints" for "disorderly conduct" are being announced against @ft_loose.

Standing room only at district court in Concord for the New Hampshire Nine arrests at the Executive Council meeting last fall.

Judge Carroll is taking the matter under advisement. Only submitted evidence in case is a photo of her buttocks. Parties are leaving the courtroom in order.

Ms. Parker's attorney cross examines, suggesting he shouldn't record someone without their consent. Joa says he believes if someone talks after being told they are being recorded that they are consenting.

Says he recorded her so she could see how she was acting. Says 360 cam needed to be plugged in, was not recording.

Joa says she may have been drinking when she told him allegedly that he should kill himself and that she hopes he dies.

Joa takes the stand in his own defense. Claims he was cleaning the French press when it broke and only called her once at work and was not to harass. Claims welts on buttocks were consensual and he had apologized at the time.

She claims he was depressed constantly. Claims she was recorded by him with and without her knowledge. She claims she was never shown the footage. She admits he never threatened physical violence.

Claims she was unaware of how he was generating income. She doesn't recall how many months they were together the second time before she got a job.

She is not sure where he maliciously broke the French press coffee maker. She doesn't recall when the coffee maker was broken and admits he replaced the coffee maker.

She says he called her the day of the restraining order and she pretended to be at work when she was actually at court. She doesn't recall if it was aggressive.

Mr. Hart cross-examines asking about the slaps. She claims it was not consensual and admitted she could indeed walk, but allegedly with great pains.

Ms. Parker claims he began recording her with a 360 degree camera that she noticed while sleeping on the couch, but couldn't figure out how it worked, so she covered it with a paper towel.

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