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The Tyrant Council of Keene passed another mask mandate last night. Here's video of the full testimony from the people from last week and the council's discussion prior to their 10-3 vote last night:

@adamkokesh speaks out from jail after being arrested for possession of psilocybin with intent to distribute:

Update from @GI_Mary_Jane on @adamkokesh being held in Saguache County Jail in Colorado on alleged psilocybin distribution charges. They also impounded his dogs, Thelma and Louise:

If you haven't seen the Goldback yet, you're missing out on the coolest, spendable gold product ever invented. Coming to a NH business near you...

Adam Kokesh has been arrested in Saguache County Colorado for possession of psilocybin with intent to distribute and allegedly police broke his arm.

Film crew from Mexico is here in Keene shooting a trailer for a potential documentary about interviewing @bonnie

City of Keene PLD committee votes 5-0 in favor of the amended ordinance, now it goes to the full council next week, presumably.

Greenwald moves to adopt the ordinance, seconded by Jones. Greenwald moves to amend to include a review by council to address expiring the ordinance every sixty days. Johnsen seconds the amendment.

Councilor Bosley says 42 cards submitted tonight opposed the ordinance, 11 cards were in favor. Nearly all in favor worked for the hospital.

Councilor Jones says he wants to "wordsmith" the proposal with the full council.

City councilor Workman says her emails are split on the issue, wants to rework the ordinance, says she favors the mask mandate, maybe not this one as she says human behavior has failed and she knows best.

Hard leftist councilor Gladys Johnsen says she believes in the masks because she's a senior. One person said she has been emailing people back with false claims like the hospital only has unvaccinated people.

City councilor Mitch Greenwald speaks first. Claims he's gone back and forth on the issue, has had record levels of contact from people. Claims "it's all about health". Councilor Bosely says she's not convinced masks make a difference.

Registered Nurse calls out the hospital for not respecting their employees' bodily autonomy. Says she'd work for them if they did.

Kudos to the heroic business owners who spoke against the mask mandate, including Pour House, Fritz, Wonder Casino, and Mighty Moose Mart.

Jared Goodell points out we don't mandate seat belts in NH and that may cause issues with the hospital. He says we respect personal choices in NH, cites Live Free or Die.

A doctor reminds councilors that when the hospital guy claims to be speaking for science, it's just his opinion about it. Says the CDC is funded by pharmaceutical companies.

Major employer's HR director says lockdowns and masks are depressing people and hurting mental health.

One guy, former volunteer fireman, calls out the medical industrial complex, says so far they are the only people speaking in favor of it. Tells the councilors to stop doing their bidding.

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