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If you thought it was dumb to introduce yourself with pronouns, now the woke are self-describing as though they are being identified as a defendant in court. Video from Microsoft:

Mises has published an excellent overview of some of the amazing successes of the libertarian migration to NH. Great job, @dennisprattfree @freestatenh

Hipple points out the video clearly shows a state trooper telling the Nine that they could walk up and back on the footpath near tyrant-king @govchrissununu's house, for which they were then ticketed. Hipple argues their actions were not picketing. Audience applauds.

Court returns from recess to hear closing arguments. Hipple cites a supreme court case defining picketing as standing in a place, not walking, as the Newfields Nine had done. Now talking about how the state witnesses kept talking about what "the group" did, instead of the specific individuals charged.

Prosecutor badgering Newfields Nine member Samantha Morse over why she went to the tryant-king's house. She says the candlelight vigil was regarding the victims of the various COVID restrictions and she wasn't targeting the house.

Attorney Hipple is showing a video of the Newfields Nine doing exactly as the police told them, for which they were then ticketed for "picketing".

Now attorney Seth Hipple is representing three more of the Newfields Nine in another trial after handling two of their cases two weeks ago inn the same court. Both attorneys agreed to stipulate to the state goons' prior testimony and skipped right to the defense today.

Footloose: "then they called in the goon squad" Priest: "what's a good squad?" Footloose: "a dozen state troopers in riot gear"

Footloose on the stand again: "you guys didn't make the crippled guy march, but he still got ticketed", referring to a man in a wheelchair who was part of the Newfields Nine.

Fat cop testifies that it was the "totality" of the "targeting" of the tyrant-king's home that constituted "picketing".

Heater in the courtroom isn't working well, so the robed priest had an acolyte set up a personal heater for her before the trials.

Prosecutor: "where do you live?" Footloose: "inside this body". Prosecutor: "what is your mailing address?". Footloose: "fuck around and find out"

Prosecutor: "why don't you protest in Manchester?" Footloose: "I protest everywhere, why don't you go protest somewhere?"

Footloose points out the cop is a liar. He can't remember anything except what the prosecutor wants him to. Judge rebukes him for using "profanity" for saying hell.

Footloose is now taking the stand in his own defense. Claims he was picketing to try to get tickets. Says he enjoyed the COVID Carols. Says masked plainclothes trooper refused to identify himself. Was then arrested for "disorderly conduct" for speaking loudly.

Cop claims he wasn't trying to chill first amendment rights. He can't remember a lot from the day and keeps having to refer to "his notes". Footloose wants to play a video to prove what the cop said. Prosecutor objects. Judge puts the question off until later.

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