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@Dashpay is doing some super-cool shit. I hope this happens, even though I'm prohibited from using crypto by some insane bail restrictions, so I can't test the new Dash Direct app, which already sounds really useful.

Bitcoin is anti-war. Great article from @breedlove22 who co-wrote the excellent book, "Thank God for Bitcoin", which I consider a holy book for the Shire Free Church.

@bonnie is now on the LRN Matrix! Tired of big tech censors? Join our matrix chat server at

Unlike 20 years ago, thanks to the internet we can now read posts directly from the Taliban, and they are posting some entertaining memes. Here they are parodying the US flag moment wearing US-abandoned equipment. LOL

The full meeting videos from the NH Exit / Independence movement are now on the uncensorable Free Keene Odysee at

Typical bank bullshit. Citizens Bank tells me Friday that I can go to any branch to close my account and get the cash. Went there today and it took 30 mins for the teller to discover that the account was closed on Aug 9th and now I have to wait on the check to be issued then bring it BACK in to cash it because I have no other bank accounts into which it can be deposited. I am being prosecuted for allegedly lying to banks, but they won't be prosecuted for lying to me and wasting my time.

Walmart in Keene now has their entry person saying they are recommending masks but they are not "required". Obedience is higher among customers.

Just found out the one remaining bank account I had is being closed. No idea why, of course. I certainly wasn't selling Bitcoin - just receiving AMP donations and that's pretty much it. Oh well, guess I'm finally unbanked. Good riddance.

Full trial video of Rochelle Kelley for bringing her kids to the playground during COVID - NOT GUILTY!

Only on the Free Keene Odysee channel!
@Odyseeteam @FreeStateNH

Rochelle found not guilty of "criminal trespass". They dropped the "disorderly conduct" charge just before the trial. Congratulations!

Full courtroom at Rochelle Kelly's trial today for bringing her kids to the playground in Concord last year. Glad to see so many supporters! She is facing two years in jail.

BREAKING: Head Gang Member Resigns, Replaced By Second-in-Command

Instead of begging federal gangsters, if you are a liberty-oriented cryptocurrency advocate, get to NH and help us secede and become the destination for crypto freedom.

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