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It took over a year, but I finally got the refund for the canceled flight to the Marianas from

Bitcoin lost OVER 60% of its security and processes less than half the transactions (fewer than Litecoin now) than last month.

Why is no one talking about this???

The end result of all the recent LP infighting is...nothing. Still a club for aspies to pretend to play politics like it was a D&D game.

New doctor's creed: "Do no harm, unless someone exempt from mask wearing needs treatment, then fuck them. Only cult members will be served."

Bonnie and I attempted to visit the walk in clinic and emergency room in Keene today and were denied access because we are medically exempt from wearing masks. My note from a doctor didn't matter either. Second class people.

My federal masters will now let me talk to @aria but despite supposedly being allowed to leave my home confinement for work, I have been denied a visit to and . This is considered being "at liberty" before trial.

It is amazing to look around this year and see "We accept Goldbacks" stickers, and to see items priced in Goldbacks. Ladies' Night Out was the first time anything had ever been priced in Goldbacks. Earlier I traded my silver for GBs. Why? Because the GBs are just so much easier to understand. I am honored to be a small part of such an amazing thing. I wish Ian was here. He caused this. He created these beautiful opportunities.

It has come to my attention that my presentation on the Crypto 6 tomorrow at 11 is at the Crypto 6 Pavilion.

Spain announced they were going to extradite John McAfee and shortly after he was found dead of alleged suicide rather than return to the US. Rest in Peace @officialmcafee

Excellent interview with @goldback_inc on tonight's @freetalklive

Found this photo of the Nasir-ol-molk Mosque via @occultbot on Twitter - pretty psychedelic.

Free Talk Live is streaming live for the first time on Odysee / LBRY - the decentralized video hosting platform where we've been archiving shows for years! Tune in at: @odyseeteam @lbrycom

I regret the circumstances that prompted it, but it has been such a pleasure seeing @bonnie step out of Ian’s shadow and come into her own, finding her own voice and becoming a great co-host on FTL. Don’t take David from NM seriously when he mimics your voice, Bonnie.
I feel sure that beneath that dulcet vocal tone lies the spirit of a bear!

Huh, more infighting within @LPNH? I'm shocked, SHOCKED. Good luck to those principled few who bother to try to keep the LP held to its principles. It's a thankless, endless task.

Tune into Freedom Decrypted now and find out the story behind El Salvador Adopting Bitcoin as its official currency and what the IMF is fighting mad.

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