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@FreestateNH's Executive Director, Vince Perfetto spoke at Porcupine Day 2021 about the record-setting progress the Free State Project made in 2020 and set lofty goals for 2021:

Reopen NH founder Andrew Manuse spoke at @FreestateNH's Porcupine Day event last weekend:

DASH is shooting up compared to BTC and USD! Did they do something new or did people finally realize that BTC has insane fees and actually decide to use something that is designed for making transactions? @thedesertlynx @dashpay

Google news feed keeps including stories about, "you need to" watch this movie or "you need to" play some game. I've never clicked and never will. Wish I could banish them forever. Annoying.

Starting tonight, I'm posting speeches from @FreeStateNH's civil disobedience event last weekend where nearly 100 people gathered without masks to celebrate Porcupine Day! Here's the opening speech from @JeremyKauffman :

RT @DocumentingBTC
Hal Finney wrote this over 17 years before receiving the first-ever #bitcoin transaction in history.

I watched a man get arrested outside the home of @govchrissununu for loudly asking a masked cop to identify himself. Video here:

@bonnie and I traveled to the largest arcade in the world, Funspot! There are a bunch of freedom people here today and Funspot's policy is to never bothers free faces. It's a great place and always worth the drive.

What can we do to achieve the Network Effect for this group?

when are people going to realize regulators are there to protect the interests of the establishment

I'm flying, but for the best reason - to go move @bonnie out of Texas. Can't just obey this stupid mask shit. Had nose out the whole first flight and looked like this. No one said a word to me and I could at least breathe. About to take off for the final leg of the travel, then driving back to the Shire.

Did you know we also have a Telegram channel that just added a discussion room?

Direct link to the channel:

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