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when are people going to realize regulators are there to protect the interests of the establishment

I'm flying, but for the best reason - to go move @bonnie out of Texas. Can't just obey this stupid mask shit. Had nose out the whole first flight and looked like this. No one said a word to me and I could at least breathe. About to take off for the final leg of the travel, then driving back to the Shire.

Did you know we also have a Telegram channel that just added a discussion room?

Direct link to the channel:

Wow! Not even a week in and we've got over 120 users that have had over 1,400 interactions. I think we made the right choice - thank you for being here. Make sure you check out the cool apps you can get for Mastodon - both mobile and desktop. Here are just some of them:

@ftl and @LRN are setup now to cross post to Twitter -as long as the accounts there last- and Telegram. Tomorrow I'll set up @FreeKeene

If I have set up IFTTT correctly, this post should go to both Twitter and Telegram.

Love this activism. It's easy to duplicate. Instructions and graphics for labels are here:

Happy to be here! Hopefully this experiment proves to be fruitful!!

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