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Almost three months after getting notice of account closure, I finally have the check from Citizens Bank. I now have to cash the check with them, as I have no more bank account into which I can deposit it.

I found out that my friend Michael Hampton has passed away in his fifties from cancer. We worked together for most of two decades. I don't know if his shoes can be filled. He was the most amazing system admin I could ever have wanted. There was nothing he couldn't do and get done quickly. Truly talented and dedicated to freedom. Rest in peace, Michael. It will be a more difficult road without you. Here's a cartoon someone made in his memory.

The more freedom-loving activist move in to NH, the more the cowardly statists will leave. This isn't the first one to go, and won't be the last. We are winning.

LOL FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM ARE DOWN! Maybe it's time to relocate to reliable, independent social media like Mastodon?

@pensees my posts there are automated and each contains a link to this Mastodon so it's promoting a way out.

Twitter stripped the photo out of my last post about a restricted video clip. The full video I posted is unrestricted by Twitter at this time. It will not let me post screenshots of the unsharable post... Wow. See my Mastodon for the banned screenshot.

@gunkslinger not saying I believe all her claims, but if what she says about the tentacled things is true, it's creepy. Should be easy enough to verify.

Twitter won't allow this video to be shared. This doctor says she saw a tentacled thing moving in more than one Moderna shot under a microscope. Here's the full interview.

Big freedom rally with several hundred attending today in Concord. @alu @bonnie and I saturated the crowd with NH Independence flyers, which were well-received. @aluaxelman

@JeremyKauffman did a great job repping New Hampshire as THE destination for liberty-loving people who want to win on last night's @timcast.

A bombshell has dropped in the Keene mayoral race - Mark Zuchowski is accused of stalking a city worker. He's running against trans Satanist she-male Aria DiMezzo, who calls him a "creep":

I nominate Footloose as activist of the year. He made Sununu and the Executive Council look like the cowardly thugs they are. @DefiantTillIDie

Haha, NH state employees bailed on a meeting today to discuss accepting $27 M in COVID money from the feds and protestors scared them away.

"Legislative Services" has approved the historic constitutional amendment - we're one step closer to divorcing DC! @alu @aluaxelman @michaelboldin @freestatenh

Citizens Bank now says the account has really been closed. Who knows how many more weeks it will take to get a check for the balance. solves this, but I can't use it without violating bail. Meanwhile, I am basically unbanked.

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