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Tune in to Freer Talk Live for the Reaper Challenge where Aria and Conan will torture themselves with the hottest pepper in the world! Watch it commercial-free at tonight at 10:30pm Eastern!

Libertarians do not get attacked outside of NH because they are not a threat anywhere else. Here we are being attacked because we're winning.

This month marks one year since I met my lovely lady Bonnie and it has been a wonderful time together. She's just perfect for me. Thanks, universe!

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that read, "Welcome to New Hampshire, now don't MASS it up!" Lol

Liberty people love conventions and camping festivals. It feels great to be around other like-minded people, until the event ends. Imagine being with your people all year long and the freedom advancements that synergy would make happen. That is life in @freestatenh

I found out that my friend Michael Hampton has passed away in his fifties from cancer. We worked together for most of two decades. I don't know if his shoes can be filled. He was the most amazing system admin I could ever have wanted. There was nothing he couldn't do and get done quickly. Truly talented and dedicated to freedom. Rest in peace, Michael. It will be a more difficult road without you. Here's a cartoon someone made in his memory.

Twitter won't allow this video to be shared. This doctor says she saw a tentacled thing moving in more than one Moderna shot under a microscope. Here's the full interview.

Big freedom rally with several hundred attending today in Concord. @alu @bonnie and I saturated the crowd with NH Independence flyers, which were well-received. @aluaxelman

"Legislative Services" has approved the historic constitutional amendment - we're one step closer to divorcing DC! @alu @aluaxelman @michaelboldin @freestatenh

A democratic activist on Twitter @Natasha62310214 is desperately trying to convince libertarians not to move to NH. Just more proof we're in the "then they fight you" phase here in @freestatenh lol

With posts like this, I gotta admit, I'm looking forward to testing Starlink. @elonmusk

Unlike 20 years ago, thanks to the internet we can now read posts directly from the Taliban, and they are posting some entertaining memes. Here they are parodying the US flag moment wearing US-abandoned equipment. LOL

Full trial video of Rochelle Kelley for bringing her kids to the playground during COVID - NOT GUILTY!

Only on the Free Keene Odysee channel!
@Odyseeteam @FreeStateNH

Rochelle found not guilty of "criminal trespass". They dropped the "disorderly conduct" charge just before the trial. Congratulations!

Full courtroom at Rochelle Kelly's trial today for bringing her kids to the playground in Concord last year. Glad to see so many supporters! She is facing two years in jail.

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