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Google would like you to know that they are fully behind obedience armbands and inhumane masks, while pretending that obedience is loving. Sickening.

Doing some studio rewiring today. Simplifying the setup and eliminating a possible point of failure. Onward and upward!

Over a decade ago the critics of Keene activism thought they could do politics without creating haters. Reality check: Being a threat to the status quo means you will be targeted. Glad to see @FreeStateNH understands and embraces this truth. Check out this Letter to the Conway Sun by a frustrated statist, as shared by the FSP:

@bonnie and I traveled to the largest arcade in the world, Funspot! There are a bunch of freedom people here today and Funspot's policy is to never bothers free faces. It's a great place and always worth the drive.

I'm flying, but for the best reason - to go move @bonnie out of Texas. Can't just obey this stupid mask shit. Had nose out the whole first flight and looked like this. No one said a word to me and I could at least breathe. About to take off for the final leg of the travel, then driving back to the Shire.

If I have set up IFTTT correctly, this post should go to both Twitter and Telegram.

Love this activism. It's easy to duplicate. Instructions and graphics for labels are here:

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