I'm trying to be welcoming to new users on FTL's Mastodon but one guy I approved yesterday has already reported three users for things he doesn't like. I've locked his account. No snitching here. Use the block feature, or find another server.

@FTL_Ian We are going to see a lot of "Report!!!" once the Twitter crowd figure out how to do it. Right now they focus on understanding how "Retweets" work.

@FTL_Ian I can only hope that I got the honor of having one of my posts reported...

@FTL_Ian I wish there was a feature to have reports only sent to the remote's rare, but I've reported accounts before for breaking their host server's rules (usually it's just for advertising or spam), and the admin asks me "why did you report this to me? it doesn't break our rules!" 😅

@realcaseyrollins yeah, I wish I could prevent all remote reports. That's the majority of them.

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