This weekend marks my sixteenth full year here in New Hampshire! So exciting that people are still coming here as part of @FreeStateNH constantly and the status quo is shaking in their boots now.

@FTL_Ian I'm headed there in a few hours to look at some property. I'm pretty sure I want this place but need to check a few things in person first. It's been a long wait for me (since around 2015), but it finally looks like it's coming together now.


That is awesome! Welcome to the to-be free state! Just need to continue down this road and we will get there. It is already getting mostly better every day and we don't even have the numbers fully yet.. but at this rate we will get there in a blink of an eye.

@mr_penguin @FTL_Ian One of the coolest things about my trip is that the agent I'm working with is a free stater who is a former Calif county LP chairman of six years. We shot the breeze at lunch talking about free market econ and our shared hatred of govt schools and NH's DMV!

It was epic and worth every minute of the 8 hour round trip drive!

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