This is an interesting post. Personally I'm not sure that outright succession is the most efficient policy, but if NH were *not afraid* of succession, then the state could make other policy decisions which make it more similar to an EU member state than a typical US state.

* Creating a state citizenship infrastructure
* Education entirely state funded/managed
* Solutions for home-buyers and business financing not based on FED banks
* My favorite: Legal defense team for citizens/residents being harassed by federal govt agencies

@cjd @FTL_Ian I think soft-secession is the way to go at first. I think it is much more acceptable to the average person and many things can be done via the 10th amendment (a la Michael Boldin).

Having said that, I think that what @alu and others are doing in pushing for hard secession is great as it gets people used to the idea, and I advocate it as the ultimate goal.

In any case, it gets you to asking the right questions. Energy policy, intelligence and security infrastructure, food security. These are all issues that states really SHOULD be dealing with already.

It's an absolute joke that you have food plants burning down left and right and not one of these states has the chops to seriously investigate it, or, you know, nab the guys doing it.
The governments of all 50 states? Maybe, but I doubt it.
@cjd @gunkslinger @FTL_Ian

State governments are just employees of the feds. Has been that way since 1865
I don't know the exact paperwork you're referring to, things are wonky enough in US law I have no reason to doubt you.

HOWEVER, theory and practice are two different things, and I'm quite sure there are state governments where everyone who is actually making decisions feels ~zero loyalty to the federal government.
@cjd @gunkslinger @FTL_Ian not talking about paperwork or even how states feel about it. I'm talking about the fact that the precedent has been set that states who seced will be conquered. There is an entire incentive structure around it involving both threats and financial dependency.

@FTL_Ian Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra, anyone? They have a population of a small town & they prosper...

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