Since @LPNational has now endorsed @FreeStateNH for the first time ever, I've rejoined for the first time since I resigned as a life member in 2008 in frustration for them falling away from principled messaging. I'm back as a "premium" member. Here's hoping they continue promoting the NH freedom migration.

So the Free State Project has finally gotten so large it was impossible to ignore any longer, a? Glad to hear the national LP is promoting even if grudgingly the migration movement.


geee... there is a lot of hate on twitter ... fake libertarians mostly it sounds like.

@FTL_Ian I just rejoined also after being out since 2008. I'm excited about the Mises Caucus takeover, and I'm seeing an immediate about-face on the messaging. Hopefully, they will educate people on liberty issues, then those people will do the right thing and move to NH.

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