Got a question for @RonPaul? Tag us on Mastodon at @ftl. Not on Mastodon? Join our server at We may not take questions by phone. He'll be on FTL tomorrow night (5/31).

@FTL_Ian @ftl I got one: What is he doing re: E.M.P. (electro-magnetic pulse) attack or other attack on our electric grid? Like explained in this TED Talk

@FTL_Ian @ftl Hey Ian, I hope you see these comments, let me know if you do. I would like Ron Paul to protect abortion rights. This right to bodily autonomy is paramount. Abortion at clinics, and also self-induced abortions (medication, menstrual extraction, herbs, etc.) must be legal and safe.

@FTL_Ian @ftl The exorbitant price of healthcare in general. You guys could discuss that too, and how hospitals are allowed to price gouge and take people's homes and everything when they can't pay. It's sickening.

@FTL_Ian @ftl Discussing animal rights would also be nice. This is an issue also near and dear to my heart.

@Olivia_From_Arizona @FTL_Ian @ftl idk what Ian is talking about, he knows last time I went to my local libertarian ladies group hanging out playing cards against humanity two chicks started making out

@Olivia_From_Arizona @FTL_Ian @ftl the only problem is most women move here with a partner. Less likely to meet single libertarian women but it does happen! Just happened for a friend last week

@bonnie @FTL_Ian @ftl That's awesome and kind of exciting! Thank you for messaging me! I would really like to move. We'll see if I can save up...

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